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Biography - Commence 1945
Michelle was born in Sydney in 1945. She studied at the National Art School, Sydney, gaining a Diploma in Design and Craft in 1965.  In 1966 she had her first professional showing at Gallery A’s Summer Exhibition, and further exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne followed. She travelled to Europe in 1968, and participated in exhibitions in London. Returning to Australia in July 1969, she took up a part-time teaching position at the National Art School and continued to show in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, including one person shows at Gallery A, the Australian Galleries Canberra and the Bonython Gallery in Sydney in 1971.

In 1973 Michelle was selected to show in New York at the International Telephone and Telegraph  Acquisitive Award, with artists from thirty countries. This exhibition toured throughout the United States, including Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. In 1973 and 1975 she was invited to exhibit in the McCaughey Art Exhibition at the National Gallery in Victoria.

Throughout the 1970’s and early 1980’s Michelle worked from the studio she had established near Oberon, NSW. During this period she had many solo and group showings in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and regional galleries, as well as in London. In 1976, her work was included in the BHP Selection Exhibition of Contemporary Australian Art in Melbourne, and in 1980 she was one of the ‘Australian Artists Of Fame and Promise’ whose work was shown at NSW House in London. She also continued to teach, lecturing at  the School of Art in Sydney, Mitchell College at Bathurst, and Wollongong College of TAFE. In 1979 she was guest lecturer at the School of Art and Design, Croydon College, London.

In 1986 Michelle relocated to Sydney, establishing a home, studio and window gallery in Darlington. In the same year she was represented in the Modern Australian Paintings Survey Exhibition at the Charles Nodrum Gallery in Melbourne. While continuing to exhibit widely in Australia and overseas Michelle has expanded her interests to other forms of visual expression, including photography and horticulture. Since 1993 she has made several study trips to Europe, and she has recently exhibited at the Belgrave Gallery in London.

During 1995 she participated in redesign concepts, and making, of Australia’s new National Flag, this resulted in some five or six exciting alternatives. The opportunity to again explore landscape came in 1998 when location of six acres near Oberon has allowed her to plan and commence another garden. “3 Ponds”, Sky, Earth and Water being driving elements; this documented by some 200 poster sized photographs, and 20 paintings. Series A & B was exhibited at Bryanhooper Gallery Sydney September/October 2003. Other exhibitions of note took place at the New England Art Museum and Sir Herman Black Gallery in Sydney University. Michelle’s work is represented on corporate fine art  collections, such as those of IT & T in New York, BHP, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, and Rainier National Bank, Seatle; the permanent collections of the Australian National Gallery, Art Gallery of South Australia, and various regional galleries; and the collections of educational and municipal bodies such as the University of Sydney, University of Technology, Sydney, Mitchell CAE, Conservatorium of Music, and North Sydney and Ku-Ring-Gai Councils.

Most recently the archival establishment of some 70 major paintings has become and ongoing project of hers. The New England Regional Art Museum at Armidale has work dated from the early 1960’s to current paintings completed.


1945   Born in Sydney, Australia, Martin Francis Collocott

1960   Studied National Art School, Sydney

1964   Exhibition of Paintings by Sydney Artists, by the Federal Council for the Advancement of
       Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 10-12 July, Florentine Gallery, Anthony Horden’s Mid-City
       Store, Sydney

1965   Gained Diploma, Design and Craft, National Art School, Sydney
       Young Contemporaries Exhibition, Sydney Morning Herald Art Prizes, 28 April, 8 May – Farmers
       Blaxland Gallery Sydney
       The Grace Art Prize Exhibition, 16-28 August – North Sides Arts Festival; 30 August,
       11 September - Broadway; 13-25 September – Bondi Junction, Sydney

1966   Secondary School Teaching, Asquith Boys’ High School, from January
       Summer Exhibition‘Paintings’ – Gallery A, Sydney
       Autumn Exhibition of the Contemporary Art Society, 15-25 March – Dominion Art Galleries, Sydney

1967   New Generation Painters – Gallery A, Sydney
       One Person Show ‘Energy 1’ – Gallery A Melbourne

1968   One Person Show ‘Australian Journey’ – Gallery A, – Sydney
       Travelled to Europe. Lived in London

1969   Creative Arts Fair by the “U” Committee of the University of New South Wales, 25-26 April –
       Unisearch House, UNSW, Sydney
       Mixed Exhibition – Ewan Phillips Gallery, London
       Mixed Exhibition – Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, London
       Summer Exhibition – Piccadilly Gallery, London
       One Person Show ‘LondonWork’ – Gallery A, Melbourne

1970   One Person Show – Bonython Gallery, Adelaide
       Teaching part-time National Art School, Sydney
       Australian Irresistibles Exhibition, Bonython Gallery, Sydney
       Mixed Exhibition - , Bonython Gallery, Adelaide
       Accepted Wynne Selection Exhibition, 'The Flight of the Red Kangaroo’, 1970, Blaxland Gallery,

1971   One Person Show ‘Australian Journey 11’ – Bonython Gallery, Sydney
       Photo Document Outline, Wide Open Exhibition – CAS Gallery, Sydney

1972   One Person Show ‘Central Tablelands and South Coast Series’ – Bonython Gallery, Adelaide
       One Person Show – Australian Galleries, Melbourne
       International Telephone and Telegraph Acquisitive Award, Australia, Selection in New York
       Invited 9th McCaughy Art Exhibition – National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (South Coast Series)

1973   IT & T World Art Exhibition – Opening Miami Art Centre, USA

1974   IT & T Touring Art Exhibition throughout USA including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis
       One Person Show ‘Colour Coded Surface’ – Bonython Gallery, Sydney
       One Person Show – Macquarie Galleries, Canberra
       Mixed Exhibition (100 Artists) – Bonython Gallery, Sydney

1975   Visiting Lecturer, School of Art, AMC, Sydney
       52nd Summer Exhibition – Redfern Gallery, London
       5 Artists – Coverntry Gallery, Sydney
       Invited 10th McCaughey Art Exhibition – National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

1976   One Person Exhibition Photo Document, Sculpture Scape Stage No 1 1970-75 – Coventry Gallery, Sydney
       BHP Selection Exhibition of Contemporary Australian Art, Melbourne

1977   Group Exhibition, Gallery Artists – Coventry Gallery, Sydney
       One Person Show ‘Sketches for Snow Paintings’, ‘Energies’, ‘Discords and Displacements’ – Von
       Bertouch Gallery, Newcastle
       Lecturer in Art, Mitchell College of Advanced Education, Bathurst

1978   Photo Document, Sculpture Scape Stage No 1 1970-75 – Gallery Civic Centre, Orange, NSW
       Photo Document, Sculpture Scape Stage No 1 1970-75 – Mitchell Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst, NSW,
       and major works Vertigo 1 & 11

1979   One Person Show ‘Recent Small Paintings’ – Qantas Gallery, London
       Photo Document, Scultpture Scape Stage No 1 1970-75, additions 1976-78 and February 1979
      – Qantas Gallery, London
       Study visit, May, New York City, NY, USA
       Guest Lecturer ‘Contemporaries of the 60’s’ Printing, Painting and Sculpture at School of Art
       and Design, Croydon College, London

1980   Mixed Exhibition ‘Australian Artists of Frame and Promise’ – NSW House, London
       Teaching full time, School of Art and Design, Tafe Wollongong, NSW
       Accepted Wynne Selection Exhibition ‘Summer High Norfolk’, 1979, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
       Mixed Exhibition ‘Australian Artists’ Tribute to Howard Hinton’ – Coventry Gallery, Sydney
       Wollongong Art Purchase Exhibition ‘Winter 1979’ – Wollongong City Art Gallery, NSW
       Gallery Artists, Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney

1981   Visiting Lecturer, College of Arts, Nepean CAE, NSW
       Photo Document, Sculpture Scape No 1 1970-75, additions 1976-78 and February 1979
       – Wollongong City Art Gallery, NSW
       One Person Show ‘Four European Seasons’ – Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney
       Gallery Artists, Mixed Exhibition – Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney

1982   Gallery Artists, Mid-year Exhibition – Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney
       Recent Acquisitions, Concurrent Riverina Contemporary Exhibition – Wagga Wagga Regiona Art Gallery NSW
       Winter Exhibition – Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane
       One man Show, ‘In Flight 1 to 3’ (Units 1-18) – Bloomfield Galleries, Sydney
      ‘Kunama Keewaydin Farm’, Photography document, Archived, (Pictures) Acc.5263,
       Mitchell Library, Sydney NSW

1983  ‘Australia – Wadja Rechin, original postcards' – Lewers Bequest and Penrith regional Art Gallery,NSW
       Art Gallery Foundation Auction – Art Gallery of NSW
       One Person Show – Victor Mace Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane

1984   Group Show – Old Brewery Gallery, Wagga Wagga, NSW
       Teaching painting at Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby, NSW
       One Person Show ‘The Flight of the Snow Parrot’ – The Painters Gallery, Sydney

1985   The First Decade. 1975-85 – Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane
       Relocation of house and studio from Oberon, Central Tablelands, NSW

1986   To Darlington, Sydney, NSW
       Modern Australian Painting Survey Exhibition – Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
       Gallery Artists Show – Access Art Gallery, Sydney
       NSW Art Gallery Society Bicentennial Sculpture Acquisition Auction, Art Gallery of NSW

1987   Festival of Sydney Summer Exhibition – Access Art Gallery, Sydney
       Represented from February Bonython-Meadmore Gallery, Sydney
      ‘Moods of Autumn’ Gallery Artists – Access Art Gallery, Sydney
       One Person Show ‘Aqueous Series A + B’ – Access Art Gallery, Sydney
       Represented from July by Bonython-Meadmore Gallery, Adelaide
       Survey Exhibition – Holland Fine Art, Sydney
       Wall hangings ‘Landscape of the 70’s, 9’ x 20’ – 1974-77 – installed International
       Grammar School, Surry Hills, Sydney
       Two Person Show ‘Aqueous Series A + B’ – Victor Mace Fine Art Gallery, Brisbane
       Teaching art Ku-Ring-Gai Community Art Centre, Sydney

1988   Selected Gallery Artists ‘Flight’ Series 1982, incl. No 25, 15’ x 15’, and ‘In Flight’ B green,
       5’ x 5’ – Holland Fine Art, Sydney
       January Exhibition ‘Aqueous ‘Celebration’ 1987 No 12, 3’ x 3’ – Bonython-Meadmore Gallery, Sydney
       Acquisition, ‘In Flight’ C orange 1982 – University of Technology, Sydney
       One Person Show ‘Aqueous III’ – Inaugural Exhibition, relocated Access Art Gallery, Sydney
      ‘Spirit of the Times’ Touring Exhibition ‘Flight’ Series 1982, ‘In Flight’ A pink, 5’ x 5’
       – Gallery New Art, 3-24 March Beehive Gallery, Adelaide, 4-15 May The Wharf, Pier 4, Sydney
       Represented May, Bridge Street Gallery, Sydney
       Lyrical abstract paintings, June, Artlet, Sydney
       Acquisition, ‘Aqueous Series B’, 1986, No 18 and 1986, No 19 (10.30am)
       – University Collection, University of Sydney
       Three Urban Landscapes 1988, September, Artlet, Sydney
       Acquisition, ‘Aqueous Series A’, 1986, No 2 and 1986, No 11 – Ku-Ring-Gai Bicentennial Gift
       Exhibition, Sydney
      ‘Spirit of the Times’ Touring Exhibition ‘Flight Series’ 1982, In Flight' green, 5’x5’,and
       1987,‘Beyond a Dark Horse’, 5’ x 16’–Galleries New Art, 17-28 October Riverside Centre, Brisbane
       Corporate Scale Paintings – Kangaroo II 1970, 6’6’ x 12’, Beyond a Dark Horse 1987, 5’ x 16’,
       Artlet, Sydney

1989   ‘In the Making’, Photography, Group show, A Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Project,
       Artlet, Sydney
       Development and restoration proposal of 314 to Council
       Adelaide Art Sale. Bedford Industries Foundation, Adelaide
       Foyer Display Aqueous Series 86-87, Ensemble Theatre, North Sydney
       Purple II 1974, 39’ x 36’ submitted to Major Auction of Modern Paintings, Lawson’s, Sydney
       Auction of paintings from Ampol House, ‘Chunder into Landscape’, 8’3’ x 5’7’, 1967
       – Alison McSweeney Auctioneer and Valuer
       **Notice of Instrument Evidencing Change of Name, see Publications*
      ‘Mondo faxo Wall Lords of the 20th Century’ exhibition, Extract from ‘A Rite of Passage’,
       10-28 October, Attspace, Sydney
       Rushton Fine Art Auction, Australian and European Prints and Paintings – Cat. No. 170 – No.
       5L, mixed media on canvas, 24’ x 24’, 1976

1990   Scotch College Foundation Exhibition of Fine Art – major work ‘Post Urban Aqueous’, 6’ x 12’,
       1989. March, Adelaide Festival, South Australia
       The ‘Porcelain Readmade’ Artspace Fundraiser Auction, April – Artspace, Surry Hills, NSW
      ‘Chain Art’ project, diary extract 10.06.90 direct to Kuopio, Finland
       Acquisition Auction, 13 October, Lawson’s Fine Art, ‘Aqueous Celebration’ Series, 12’ x 18’, 1987,
       for Wagga Wagga City Fine Art Gallery, Wagga Wagga, NSW
       Administration, ‘Artlet Window Gallery’, June – September, Sydney
      ‘An Ordinary Person’, the journals 1940-1991, folio material The Women’s Artists’ Collective, Sydney

1991   Hors d’oevre show ‘Photo Collage’, Women’s Artists’ Collective, Artlet, Sydney Femme F’Tarts.
       Metamorphosis – ‘March in Shadow of Darkness’, 2’ x 10’, a mixed media group show Women’s Artists’
       Collective, in conjunction with Dissonance 91, Aspects of Feminism and Art Re-define Artlet Window
       Gallery – Women And Art. From October
       Walking the Street 1 Shopfront Exhibition Project, King Street – ‘Friends and Lovers’ – prose,
       Bella Bar.
       2-17 November, umbrella event, Newtown Festival, NSW
      ‘An Ordinary Person’ completed – Metamorphasis/Shadow of Darkness/Friends and Lovers/The Post-urban
       Aquiescent Women, inclusive, 2’ x 50’

1992   ‘Out Art’, mixed open exhibition, ‘Flight of Fancy’, 20’ x 29.5’, photograph, 11-23 February – Gay
       and Lesbian Festival, location, warehouse, Sydney
      ‘Fierced and Flushed’ (Word of Mouth II), Lesbian mixed media and performance exhibition,
      ‘Dorothy’, 29.5’ x 20’, photograph – 15-25 February, Gay and Lesbian Festival, location, Love Hotel,
       Warehouse, Sydney
      ‘Women and Art’ No 1, group exhibition, coordinator.‘The Post-urban Acquiescent Woman’‘Celebration’,
       2’ x 22’, painting – 7-14 March.
       Celebrating International Women’s Day 1992, Seymour Centre Gallery, Sydney
       Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project, Committee member.
      ‘International Women’s Day’, Planning Committee, exhibition projects IWD, March 1993, Sydney
       Walking the Street 2 Shopfront Exhibition Project, King Street   - ‘Lurking’
       – photo collage, 30’ x 40’, Melissa and Michelle, Choc Beanz Café. 31 October – 15 November,
       umbrella event, Newtown Festival, NSW

1993   ‘Register of Women Artists’ – Project of ‘Women and Art’, Artlet, 314 Abercrombie Street,
       Darlington NSW 2008 Australia
       Coordinator of ‘Connecting Passages’ – photographs Julie Martin, painted Sally Stokes.An
       International Women’s Day umbrella event, 13 February–13 March, Seymour Centre Gallery, Sydney
      ‘Celebrating Women’s Strength’, group mixed media, poster design exhibition and launch for
       International Women’s Day – ‘Beyond Lurking’ photo collage, 30’ x 70’, Melissa and Michelle,
       3-12 March, Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney, NSW
       Studio Practice – new work – Urban Landscapes ‘Darlington’
       Registration of Artlet – ‘Women and Art’ in ‘Women in the Arts Network International’ – Great
       Britian, Netherlands and Germany
       Study Visit – Beirut, Amsterdam and London, October – November
       Registration, N.A.V.A Visual Arts an Crafts People Database, November, Sydney

1994   ‘A Postal Lip Service’ – Postcard size art exhibition, 21 February – 8 March, K-OS Hair
       Workshop, Darlinghurst and The Bookshop, Newtown, NSW
       Studio Practice – 3 London Paintings
      ‘The first’ Artspace Open, Artists of the South Sydney Council area, 29 July – 3 September,
       Artspace Gallery, Sydney
       Study visit, London, September – October, and ‘The Affordable Art Company’ 5th Anniversary
       Exhibition and Sale, 28 September – 2 October, Connaught Brown, London
       Document lodgment, Self, Artlet and I.W.D. Poster design and exhibition 1993,
       in Women’s Art-Slide Library, London
       London contact, Alannah Coleman Fine Art, European Coordinator AICA’s Australian Section,
       Association International des Critiques d’Art
       Represented in the Stock at The Gallery at John Jones, London
       Represented in Stock at Belgrave Gallery, London

1995   Affordable Abstracts: 50 artists, Lower Gallery, 9-12 January, Belgrave Gallery, London
       One Person Show, new work, ‘A Lyrical View’ of Golders Green, 5 February – 11 March,
       Artlet Window Gallery, Sydney
       Ausflag – 2000. Australia’s new national flag, design project

1996   Study visit, 21 January – 9 February, Norfolk, England
      ‘First Show for 1996’, gallery artists, 12-28 February, Belgrave Gallery, London

1997   Summer Exhibition II, 5 January – 22 February, Eva Breuer Fine Art , Sydney
       Two Person Show, ‘Walking in the Rain – Urban Aqueous’ series, 30 January – 12 February,
       Elisabeth Gallery, Sydney
       Ausflag – 2000. Australia’s new national flag, final submission

1998   ‘3 Ponds’ – Sky, Earth and Water, Project in Progress, Oberon, NSW
       Alannah Coleman – Artist and Curator 03.11.1918 born Melbourne, Australia, 12.09.1998
       died London, England

1999   ‘Off the Wall’, Exhibition Space, Coordinator, Women’s Library, Sydney
       ‘Beyond A Dark Horse’, Painting 60’ x 192’ – 1987, 1-28 August, ‘Off the Wall’, Exhibition Space,
        Women’s Library, Sydney
       ‘Metamorphosis’ 24’ x 600’ – 1991, Urban Landscapes, Darlington Series – 1993, Sir William Dobell
        Art Foundation Gallery, 26 November 1999 – 16 January 2000, New England Art Museum, Armidale

2000   ‘Bequest of Paintings’, and studio contents, in perpetuity, to New England Regional Art Museum,
       ‘Paintings’, Sydney University Union Collection, including Recent Acquisition, Darlington
       Series No 8, 36’ x 36’ – 1993, 8-30 September, Sir Hermann Black Gallery, Sydney

2001  ‘Behind Closed Doors’, in situation, Collections of Westpac and Commonwealth Bank, 6-26 January,
       Allen Allen and Hemsley and Gadens, Sydney Festival NSW
      ‘Arthead Gallery’,http://www.arthead.com.au/Artists%20Gallery/collocott/collocott.html
      ‘Quartet’, Paintings by Michelle Collocott, Pyrmont Bride, 72’ x 144’ 1989, Darlington Series
       1993, Phillip Martin, Helen Marshall and Barbara McKay, 11 April – 19 May, Sir Herman Black
       Gallery, Sydney
       Represented from 1 August, by B.B.A. Gallery, Sydney
      ‘Group’, Paintings by Michelle Collocott – Preview from series, ‘A Lyrical View’ of Golders Green,
       16’ x 12’ with 8 other new Artists,7 November – 2 December, B.B.A. Gallery, Sydney

2002   One Person Show, ‘A Lyrical View’ of Golders Green and Norfolk, 6 February – 9 March,
       The Sir Herman Black Gallery, Sydney
       Sydney University Union Collection website,www.usu.usyd.au/gallery from March,
       The Sir Herman Gallery, Sydney
      ‘itch’, important work from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, 10 July – 10 August, B.B.A. Gallery, Sydney 
      ‘3 Ponds Series’, No 12, 5’ x 6’, 2000, and Gallery Artists, B.B.A. Gallery 2 – 6 October,
       Art Fair Melbourne

2003  ‘Celebrate’, 25 Years of Mardi Gras, 12 February – 8 March, B.B.A. Gallery, Sydney
       One Person Show. ‘Three Ponds’, Oberon, A & B Series. 17 Sept.–11 Oct., byronhoopergallery, Sydney
       Christmas in Chippendale, Gallery Artists, 10-12 December, bryanhoopergallery, Sydney

2004  ‘Reflection’ Michelle Collocott – Photography and Paintings, ‘3 Ponds’ with Ray Cook
       Photography and Multi media, with Travis de Jonk, 18 February–13 March, bryanhoopergallery Sydney
       Closure, 14 March bryanhoopergallery Sydney
      ‘Art for Labor’,’ 3 Ponds Series’ B, No 4, 28” x 36”, 2003. Fund raiser show, 16 – 18 July,
       Michael Nagy Fine Art-Gallery, Sydney
      ’Resilience,’ Women Hanging Together, ‘3 Ponds’ Series, B, no.4, 28” x 36” 2003,
       29 October – 13 November, ‘Off the Wall,’ Exhibition Space, Women’s Library, Sydney

2005  ‘Same Place Many Views,’ Painting the Australian Landscape, Nocturn, Winter Retreat, 1 + 2,
       16 March – 9 April, Defiance Gallery, Sydney
      ‘2nd  Birthday,’ Local Artists, and Party, 12 May – 10 July, Tripod Gallery and Café, Sydney

2006  ‘Lawsons-Menzies Fine Art Auction,’ Green III 7” x 12”, 1973, 12 February, Sydney
      ‘Studio Practice,’ research for 3 Ponds, Series C

2007  ‘Studio Practice,’ cont. work in progress, 3 Ponds, Series C, No’s 1 – 30
      ‘Paint 2007,’ 3 Ponds Series B, Gallery Artists, 3 – 25 February, ‘Wilson Street Gallery,’ Sydney
      ‘Paper 2007,’ 3 Ponds, Series A, 23 June – 15 July, ‘Wilson Street Gallery,’ Sydney
      ‘Earth – Fire – Water – Sky, ‘Town in Rainwashed Solitude’, 72” x 72”, 1967, from the collection,
       3 June – 18 July,'Araluen Arts Centre,’ Alice Springs

2008   Design and publish website www.michellecollocott.com, February - June, Liz Orrock - Newtown Fine
       Art, Sydney  www.newtownfineart.com.au
       One Person Show, "3 Ponds", Oberon, C Series, Part A, 19 July-10 August, Wilson Street Gallery,
       Registered with Dictionary of Australian Artists Online, July, www.daao.org.au

2009  'Research material,' relating to creative activities,1957-2008, Part A, including 'The Forest
       Glen,' 1956, 10.5" x 13.5", a small painting on paper adhered to board, transferred January,
       Artist Archives, Art Gallery of NSW.
       ‘3 Ponds Project’, Photography, 300 Units of 20” x 30”, Artists Archives, Art Gallery of NSW
      'Acquisition', 'A Lyrical View of Golders Green, London', 1995, 72" x 60",
       archived November, Permanent Collection, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

2010   'One Person Show', Three Ponds, Oberon, C Series, Part B, 23 January - 14 February,
       Wilson Street Gallery, Sydney
       'Group Show', Mardi Gras Festival, The Early Years, Photography, 19 February - 9 March,
       Kerry Low Gallery, Sydney
       'Packsaddle Group Show', Artist Support NERAM, 1-17 October, New England Regional Art Museum,
      'Bequest of Paintings', additional to 2000 transfer, in perpetuity, to Permanent Collection.
       26 November, New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale.
      'Christmas Exhibition 2010', Betsy and Michelle, 26 November - 24 December, Kerry Low Gallery,
      'The Analogue Love Letters', Sunday 12 September - Sunday 12 December, Darlington, Sydney

2011   Studio Practice, Shadow Time
      'Group Show', Mardi Gras Festival, Shadow Time, Painting, 18 February - 8 March,
       Kerry Low Gallery, Sydney
      "The Kisk", Placement, 4 September, 3 Ponds Black Springs

2012  'Auction', Kym Bonython Collection, "The Nordic Fall", 1969, acrylic on canvas - 7 February,
       Greenaway Gallery, Adelaide
      'Group Show', Mardi Gras Festival, "The Kisk", Photography, work in progress, 10 February - 6 March,
       Kerry Low Gallery, Sydney
      'Volunteer - bentART 2012 Exhibition'
      'Group Show', bentART, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", Photography, work in progress, 8 - 11 June,
       Wentworth Falls School of Arts, NSW
      'Research and Archiving', www, ongoing
2013  'Research and Archiving', www, including all additional archiving, now only to be located on the
      'Artlet Window Gallery', reactivate, night viewing, Sydney


2014  New Website and updated biography. Click here.

Australian National Gallery, Canberra, Act
IT & T Collection, New York, USA
Visual Arts Board purchase, Araluen Arts and Culture trust, Alice Springs, NT
Armidale City Art Collection, NSW
BHP Collection, Melbourne, VIC
Rainier National Bank Collection, Seattle, USA
Westpac Banking Corporation, Fine Art Collection of Australia, Sydney, NSW
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA
Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery, NSW
Ku-Ring-Gai CAE Collection, NSW
University of Technology Collection, Broadway Campus, Sydney, NSW
Mitchell Library, Photo Document, Sydney, NSW
Macquarie University Collection, Sydney, NSW
Commonwealth Bank Collection, Sydney, NSW
University of Sydney, Permanent Collection, Fisher Library, NSW
Penrith Regional Art Gallery, NSW
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Library, Art Gallery of NSW

Library, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, 2011

Installed, Artists Archives, Library - Art Gallery of NSW

Installed, Artists Archives,
Library, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, 2011

Municipal and Educational

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Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, NSW
Stanton Library, North Sydney Council, NSW
Willoughby Council, Civil Centre, Zenith Centre, Sydney, NSW
School of the Arts, University of Western Sydney, NSW
International Grammer School, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW
Ku-Ring-Gai Council, Sydney, NSW

Private Collection (inclusive)

J.Longstaff, Marlborough Fine Art, London
Works acquired from London shows for United Kingdom and Europe
F. Belgiorno-Nettis (Transfield Australia), Sydney, NSW
Standard Telephone and Cables, Sydney, NSW

Publications and Reference

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Grants and Prizes

1972   International Telephone and Telegraph Acquisitive Art Award Australia
1991   Co-recipient NAVA Pat Corrigan Artist Grant, Dissonance Forum exhibition, September
1993   Recipient NAVA Pat Corrigan Artist Grant, International Woment’s Day Launch Exhibition,
       3-12 March, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

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